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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


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I hope Senator Reid's staff takes a gander at this thoughtful post. I knew that each chamber of Congress could get rid of elected members via a super-majority, but I'd forgotten about Powell v. McCormack. Sounds like it's time to tweak the talking points. The senators should mention "expulsion" in their explanations of why any Blago appointment is inevitably a moot act by a corrupt official who must go.

Old Roy

Exquisite dilemna to see one set of Democrat crooks place another set of Democrat crooks into.

It will be even more exquisite watching them try to dismount from the tiger Blago has them mounted on.

If the Dems are going to shoot each other, I'll buy the ammo. Their destruction of each other can only benefit America.

Keep us posted, won't you Rock? These are your guys, after all, aren't they?

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