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Thursday, 11 June 2009


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Single payer system, anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


Couldn't agree more, Duchess.

Terry Bleizeffer

I agree that it's all about patients, but of course patients care about things like having really high quality doctors, having new and innovative drugs and procedures, having quick access to services, being able to avoid red-tape and bureaucracy, etc. So even if we agree it's all about the patients, it doesn't narrow the scope of the discussion much... other than agreeing that it's NOT about maintaining good profit margins for insurance companies!


It should narrow the discussion, Terry, including the one way you suggest. We shouldn't be worrying about whether insurance companies could compete with a public plan. If they can't, they should get out of the market -- that's what would be best for patients. Similarly, we should be skeptical when self-interested trade groups claim that what's good for them would also be good for patients. And we should reject ideological claims that aren't based on evidence. If we're really worried about patients, we should quit worrying about the special interests and start getting angry with the politicians they have in their pockets.

Terry Bleizeffer

Start getting angry?

Dude, that ship has already sailed.


Right with you, Terry.


Screw Bart Peterson and Evan Bayh and Susan Bayh and . . . .

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