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Wednesday, 20 May 2009


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Cutter In Chicago

As you are generally aware, I ask only for intelligence, wisdom and common sense from my politicians so I live in a semi-perpetual disappointment. I also try to remember that most folks who have risen to the level of US Senator have had to have those attributes either removed to severely curtailed. Harry Reid is an idiot as is Nancy Pelosi. Are they idiots because they are Democrats? I think the answer is basically no, they are just idiots. Representative Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota is truly stupid. Is it because she's a Republican? Nope, she's just gifted that way. The concept of politicians who vote strictly on the basis of partisanship, interest group pressure and general ignorance of facts are the real problems. Reid's statements on the terrorist locations proves that he's really silly.
Bayh is semi-disappointing to Democrats because he sometimes bucks the party line. Same for McCain with the GOP. When folks buck the party line out of principle, that can be a good thing. When they buck the party line due to pure self-interest that can still be OK as long as its done out of common sense/intelligence.
Meanwhile, I will walk in the desert in a David Carradine-inspired manner.


Intelligence, wisdom, and common sense? Indeed you are doomed to live in a perpetual state of disappointment.

I like to say that no matter what they may call themselves from time to time there are essentially two political parties: the Silly Party and the Stupid Party. I think that the GOP is the current Stupid Party and Democrats comprise the Silly Party. Democrats quivering in fear over Republican claims that KSM will soon be living in a local apartment complex look pretty silly to me.

As for Evan Bayh, I'd have more patience if he was some sort of principled Independent with genuinely mavericky views. But that's not it. He's just a tool. I'd call him a $100 haircut on a $10 head, but his haircut sucks too.

God luck with the rice paper. It always tears when I walk on it.

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